Madness Behind the Coins – Why Super Mario Odyssey Has Coins in Strange Places

Super Mario Odyssey has been a smash hit for Nintendo and rightfully so. The game is packed with a seemingly endless amount of collectibles to find and often these collectibles are placed in strange places. If you’ve been playing Super Mario Odyssey and wondered, “why is there a coin up here?” we now have an answer for you. Yoshiyaku Koizumi, a producer on the game, explained the design process behind the seemingly odd coin locations and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Basically, as Koizumi explains it, during the debugging process, game testers were reporting that they were able to access what seemed like unexpected areas. The designers took these reports and used them to put coins in various places that appear to be out of the way. Placement of the strange coins were meant for developers to “pay their respects to the testing team.” As more places were discovered as being reachable, more coins were added, leading to a “challenge” for the designers, but also as Koizomi describes it, a fun experience.

So there you have it. We can finally put to rest the seemingly odd placement of many of the coins in Super Mario Odyssey. Turns out gamers have the game testers to thank for it (one of the rare occasions).

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