Madden 20 Shows a Bunch of Gameplay Additions

Madden 20 the upcoming addition to the popular football game was featured in EA Play 19. During the event Madden 20 highlighted a number of new features coming to the title. Check them out.

Face of the Franchise Get NFL Draft and Pro Bowl

The Face of the Franchise mode will allow players to play out more of their fantasies in the game mode with the addition of the NFL Draft experience. Players will take part in things leading up to and including NFL Draft.

Scenario Engine Adds Challenges

The Scenario Engine aims to bring dynamic challenges to the game that aim to help your player improve their ratings week to week.

Playbook Changes Coming

Playbooks will be adding 220 RPOs (run pass options). There will also be the addition of new playbooks and plays. These playbooks will evolve over time as the season progresses to stay up to date with the NFL.

Ultimate Mission Coming

Ultimate Missions are a new addition to Madden 20. These additions include being able to find items they want for their team.

X-Factor Abilities Elevate Superstar Players

Superstar players will have certain challenges in each game which allows players to unlock in the zone abilities. These in the zone abilities trigger X-Factor abilities for both offensive/defensive players which are basically unique passive bonuses for that superstar player.

These abilities provide gameplay edges. Since superstars poses unique superstar abilities the game plan for dealing with each superstar will change.

Defensive players can knock players out of being in the zone by completing certain defensive executions against that in the zone player.

Signature Animations

Madden 20 is introducing new Signature Animations for superstar players. These animations bring a level of authenticity to superstar players.

Gameplay Mechanic Additions Include Pump Fake and Scramble

There are two new additions to Quarterback play in Madden 20. Quarterbacks are now able to drop pass icons, scramble and then pull up the pass icons again to make a pass. Quarterbacks are also now able to pump fake to specific targets.

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