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2K’s newest iteration of their NBA series has dropped early for those who pre-ordered. There is a bunch of new features in the game. Locker Codes is one way for players to get, and activate new rewards. For example, I purchased the Gold edition of NBA 2K17 and received a code for various goodies (like the Paul George USA jersey). I simply took the code and plugged it into the Locker Codes system in order to collect my rewards. Other codes will be coming from the devs courtesy of their social channels like Twitter and Facebook. Below is a list of current Locker Codes for NBA 2K17.

Current Codes

Myles Turner: MILES-QO607-7KH07-80M5P-A10JD

Julius Randle: LALFA-DJ55C-5SSBG-TKXGK

Demar Derozan: ABGS7-AMR2A-TCNQJ-5YY4U-4R44S


Harrison Barnes: FAMNT-G55QE-KZKA3-YRKZW

Pre-order Codes: Simply the codes that unlock the various tiered items from pre-ordering

Twitch Prime – If you have Amazon Prime and use Twitch, you can get a Locker Code. The Locker Code from Twitch Prime runs from April 25th – June 20th.

Ruffles Locker Codes: According to 2K Support, there are codes available if you buy NBA 2K17 and two bags of Ruffles chips between September 10 and October 2, to unlock 5,000 VC and two Jump Packs of Park Cards.

Redeeming Codes

The redeeming codes process is pretty straight forward. Log into NBA 2K17, navigate the games menu to the Locker Code option. Select. Input code. An important note about the process is to include the dashes within the code itself (learned this the annoying way).

If you want more help, check out our NBA 2K17 stuff here.

Know of any Locker Codes that are out? Share them in the Pit below.


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  1. Steven Willis says:

    I pre ordered my 2k which comes with 5,000vc supposedly.. But don’t know how to activate it

  2. khuda says:

    codes not working

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