Littlewood Starting Week Guide

Littlewood is a new, indie town builder/rpg game which allows players to rebuild a town at the end of a great event occured in the world. This town rebuilding takes shape over a number of different mechanics. To help, here’s our Littlewood starting week guide.

Important: Littlewood is in early access, things change. This guide was written on June 18th, 2018.

Spring: Day 1

Speak to Willow to Get Your House

Image showing Willow in Littlewood.

When you wake up, leave your house to meet Willow. Willow is the first NPC you will speak to in Littlewood. After a brief cutscene, speak to Willow to name your town and receive the My House blueprint.

Place Your House and Go Inside

Image showing My House in Littlewood.

Before doing anything, grab the two chests that are located beside Willow’s House. They contain 80 Wooden Plank and 80 Plain Brick. With these building materials in hand you can build your house. Select Build Mode > Objects > My House. Place your house wherever you so desire. Once placed go inside it.

Image showing Bed Building in Littlewood.

Inside your house Willow will enter and give you a Bed recipe. Place the bed by accessing the Build Mode > Essentials > Plain Bed. Drop the bed wherever you see fit then exit your house and approach the other NPC, Dalton.

Speak to Dalton to Get Dalton’s House

Image showing Dalton's House in Littlewood.

Now that your place is setup, make your way over to the only other NPC, Dalton. Speak with Dalton to receive his house. Place Dalton’s house wherever you so desire. Speak with Dalton again and he will mention wanting you to come visit him tomorrow (Day 2). From here you can explore a bit (there are two accessible chests you can grab). Once ready go to bed by interacting with your bed.

Spring: Day 2

Speak to Dalton to Get General Shop

Image showing General Shop in Littlewood.

When you wake up on Day 2 make your way to Dalton’s House. Inside speak to Dalton and he will give you give you a General Shop. Place the shop wherever you desire then make your way inside it.

Go Inside General Shop to Get Tools

Image showing tools in Littlewood.

Once the shop is placed make your way inside it. When you go inside Dalton appears. He will tell you that the three items you see (Glove, Pickaxe, Axe) are yours for free. Grab them. These tools allow you to do the following:

  • Glove: Pick fruit and crops.
  • Pickaxe: Mine ore.
  • Axe: Chop down trees.

You will need these tools to clear areas to build out your town.

Speak to Willow to Get Marketplace

Image showing Marketplace in Littlewood.

Now that you have the tools, make your way back to Willow. Speak to her to receive the Marketplace. Place the Marketplace wherever you want. The Marketplace allows you to sell items for Dewdrops. Once built place a few items on the stands to sell them.

Speak to Dudley to Get Dudley’s House

Image showing Dudley in Littlewood.

Once you’ve built the Marketplace head north and you will see Dudley (an old man). Speak to Dudley to get Dudley’s House. Place Dudley’s House and go inside.

Image showing the Fishing Rod in Littlewood.

Inside Dudley’s House you will trigger a brief cutscene about fishing. At the end of the cutscene Dudley will give you a Fishing Rod. This item can be used to catch fish.

Once you’ve gotten the Fishing Rod, use up the rest of your stamina clearing or fishing, then go to sleep to reach Day 3.

Day 3

Image showing clearing rocks in Littlewood.

During Day 3 not much will happen. Use this time to gather materials. Spend the day chopping trees, mining rocks, picking weeds and so on. At the end of Day 3 go to sleep.

Day 4

Speak to new NPC Bubsy to Get Bubsy’s House

Image showing Bubsy's House in Littlewood.

When you exit your house on Day 4 you will see a new NPC. Speak to the NPC called Bubsy to receive Bubsy’s House. Place the house wherever you like then go inside it. Bubsy will tell you to come back tomorrow (Day 5).

Speak to Willow to Create Title and Get Office

Image showing My Office in Littlewood.

Once you’re done with Bubsy make your way to Willow and speak to her to get your title. This new title can be anything you want like Mayor or King (or anything really). Once your title is selected you will receive the building My Office. Place your office wherever you like then go inside it.

Inside your office Willow will appear. She will talk to you about Town Wishes and Town Beauty Score. These two systems will be very important for you moving forward. Once you’ve inspected both, leave and go find Dalton.

Speak to Dalton to Get Bug Net

Image showing Bug Net tool in Littlewood.

Leave your office and speak with Dalton. Dalton has been working on creating a Bug Net. He will be finished it now. Speak to him to get the Bug Net for yourself. The Bug Net can be used to catch bugs. Complete the day and go to sleep.

Day 5

Talk to Bubsy to Get Tavern

Image showing Tavern in Littlewood.

Make your way over to Bubsy and speak to them. Bubsy will give you the Tavern blueprint. Place the Tavern wherever you desire then go inside it.

Inside the Tavern Bubsy will appear. Speak with them. They will show you how to cook in the Tavern. Cook a dish (2x Slimeapple) and then leave. Go to sleep.

Day 6

Talk to Willow to Get Air Balloon Platform

Image showing Air Balloon Platform in Littlewood.

At the start of Day 6 make your way to Willow and speak with her. She will give you a blueprint for the Air Balloon Platform. This platform allows you to travel to different locations in Solemn. Visit these locations (specifically the Endless Forest) to see what they are all about then sleep.

Day 7

Speak to Dalton to Get the Desk Blueprint

Image showing a Desk in Littlewood.

Talk to Dalton to get the Desk Blueprint. You can build a desk for him if you like. Desks show you what the NPC wants you to build them.

Speak to Laura to Learn About Missing Notebook

Image showing Laura's Missing Notebook.

On Day 7 you will see a new NPC in your town named Laura. Speak to her to learn about her missing Notebook. She says the Notebook can be found in the Endless Forest (reachable via the Balloon). With that said it appeared in the middle of my town on Day 8 (after having visited the Endless Forest).

Speak with Lilith to Get Lilith’s House

Image showing Lilith's House in Littlewood.

If you visited the Endless Forest you will have been met with a cutscene featuring a character named Lilith. This character is a magically being who uses magic too risky. Lilith will appear the next day in your town and ask if she can move in. This unlocks the Lilith House Blueprint. Place the house wherever you want.

That’s all for our Littlewood starting week guide. As you can see you will be very busy getting your town up and running. If you did other things during your starting week, let me hear about them in the comments below. Good luck out there.

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