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After completing Day 1 of Little Town Hero you will awake in your house. You mother, Ember, will speak with you and Day 2 will start. Day 2 features a number of objectives for players to complete. Use our Little Town Hero Day 2 guide to make your way through the day.

Train With Angard

Image showing an injured Angard.

Make your way back to Angard in the field we visited on Day 1. When you enter the area a cutscene will trigger. During the cutscene you you will claim you are strong. This triggers a fight with Angard. Luckily for use the Red Jewel we picked up actually has made us way stronger. After a brief cutscene battle you will own Angard. This leads to Matock wanting to fight you.

Fight Matock

Image showing fight with Matock.

Matock will run away from the area and will tell you to meet him in a new area. Matock is waiting along the pathway leading back to your house. When you speak with Matock you can start the fight. Do this. To beat Matock you will need to complete a number of steps:

  1. Trigger Tight Guard.
  2. Move locations.
  3. Use Dash Guard.
  4. Choose any Dazzit.
  5. Move to location with Nelz.
  6. Fight Matock.
  7. Move to space with Boy.
  8. Defeat Matock.

After defeating Matock you will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene Angard will mention Axe taking over his job of fighting monsters. This causes your mother to appear and get angry. After the cutscene ends you will trigger a new objective.

Weather the Storm

Image showing the monster defeated.

Return to your home and walk up to Ember to trigger a cutscene. Ember will get upset with you. While she is getting angry she an earthquake will occur which causes Axe to run outside. There is a giant monster in the town. This fight will be your first big test in Little Hero Town. The key to success here is to maximize your allies spread throughout the battlefield. Utilize each allies Support skill and this fight is rather trivial.

After finishing this Monster fight you will trigger a cutscene. This cutscene will end with Chapter 1 completion. Chapter 2 will begin immediately after with a cutscene.

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