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The first chapter in Little Town Hero is Day 1. In this chapter you will learn the basics of combat and some story beats. To help you get through this chapter consult our Day 1 guide below.

The Basics of Battle

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After the opening sequence you will speak to Nelz outside your house. Nelz tells you to continue on with the plan which is to meet Matock and Angard near some wheatfields. Make your way to these NPCs to learn the basics of battle.

Battling in Little Town Hero is a turn based system. To start you will learn about Izzit, an idea you can use in battle. Izzit is turned into Dazzit which is essentially your moves. Converting an Izzit to Dazzit requires Power. The Power you have available is indicated by the hexagons above the Izzit/Dazzit.

The first Dazzit or move you will select in the fight is First Punch. Do that now. When you trigger the First Punch move both you and Angard will strike. This leads us to our next lesson which is the Dazzit ‘break’. Essentially Dazzit have Attack and Defense values. When Dazzits collide the Attack damages the Defense of the oppositions Dazzit (and vice versa). If a Dazzit’s Defense hits 0 it will break.

On Turn 2 you will be tasked with using a new Izzit/Dazzit called Aimed Punch. This Dazzit will not be broken when you attack Angard. Using the Aimed Punch causes Angard’s Dazzit to be broken. He will have one Dazzit remaining which means the turn continues. Use the Strong Punch Dazzit on this next round. Your Dazzit will break leading to Turn 3.

Turn 3 featured three Dazzits. Using all three Dazzits in the correct order will cause you to break Angard’s Dazzits, allowing you to deal damage directly to him. To complete this turn use your Dazzits as follows:

  1. Aimed Punch.
  2. Strong Punch.

Once you’ve done this sequence you will trigger an All Break which gives you a Chance Turn. Chance Turn allows you to deal direct damage to the enemy. Hit Angard with a Fast Punch to defeat him.

After the battle Angard will say he needs to rest. Speak with him and ask “What Promise?” or “Huh?” to trigger a cutscene. In the cutscene Axe will attempt to storm the castle and will be caught by Angard. This triggers the Promise objective.

The Promise

Image showing Pasmina.

When you take control of Axe head through the tunnel and towards the Tavern. You will be stopped by Pasmina. Speak with Pasmina. Pasmina tells us that Matock wen inside the Tavern, but minors are not allowed in. Obviously we will need to make our way inside.

To enter the Tavern simply go inside. When you enter you will see Matock and Angard speaking with each other. Long story short, we can’t leave the village unless we are soldiers. Angard will train us if we help him get back into the good graces of the castle. Easy enough. After this flashback we return to present day.

Continue Training

Image showing the Continue Training battle.

Once you are back in present day you will be tasked with continuing training. Speak to Angard to start another battle. This battle focuses on defense.

In Turn 1 we learn about defensive Dazzit. Yellow Dazzit are moves that act as shields. They can be used multiple times as long as they are not broken. The difference between Red and Yellow Dazzits is the fact Yellow Dazzits cannot inflict damage during a Chance Turn. Keep this in mind. Use the Proper Guard then the First Punch then the Proper Guard again. This leads to an All Break and Turn 2.

In Turn 2 we learn about anytime use Dazzits. Blue Dazzits can be used anytime and don’t need to collide with enemy Dazzits to take effect. Change your Proper Guard into a Dazzit then use the Pelt Dazzit when prompted to trigger an All Break and Turn 3.

Turn 3 is your first taste of real battle. To complete this turn you need to use a combination of Red, Yellow, and Blue Dazzits to win the turn. To complete the turn use the following combination:

  1. Change Hard Hit into Dazzit.
  2. Pelt.
  3. Proper Guard.

This will trigger an All Break. Follow this up with a Hard Hit to win the battle. After the fight your mom will appear. She is not happy with you. She wants you to head to work. This unlocks the Travel option.

Coal Mines

Image showing a Coal Mines answer.

Travel (using the menu) to the Coalmines and head inside. Walk up to the Supervisor and speak with him. He won’t let you into the mine until you can tell him all three rules. To learn the three rules speak to fellow miners both inside and outside. The three rules of mining we need are:

  1. Say Hello.
  2. Work Hard.
  3. Check your tools.

Once you’ve discovered all the rules of mining head back to the Supervisor and recite them to him. He will let you into the mine. After your shift you will find a Red Stone. This will trigger the next day, Day 2.

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