Light a Spark – Watch Dogs Legion Guide

The third mission you will need to complete in Watch Dogs Legion is called Light a Spark. This story mission introduces you to two new elements of gameplay which are Disrupt and Acquire. These gameplay elements will be available after you complete this mission in the open world. To help complete this story mission use our Light a Spark guide below.

Disrupt Albion Propaganda

Image showing the map location of the Disrupt Albion Propaganda mission in Watch Dogs Legion Guide.

This mission is divide into two objectives. Both objectives can be completed in any order. First I will complete the Disrupt Albion Propaganda. This objective tasks you with reaching a server on the roof of a building. To reach this server simply head into the alley on the backside of the building. In this alley there is a manlift you can hack to raise up to the roof. Once on the roof make your way across to the server. Interact act with the propaganda server to change the message on the sign below.

Acquire Albion Operations Data

Image showing the Disrupt Albion Propaganda map location.

The second activity to complete during this mission is to acquire Albion Operations Data. This objective takes place at the Royal Courts of Justice. To find the data you need to make your way through the restricted area while avoiding or defeating the enemies there. This can be done a variety of ways so I will leave that up to you.

Once you grab the evidence you will have completed this story mission. For your efforts you will earn 300 ETO. You will then trigger the next story mission called Clarion Call.

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