Lies of P Gameplay Demo at Gamescom 2022

Lies of P, the upcoming Newowiz Games made action-adventure Pinocchio story that is heavily inspired by Bloodborne, has given fans a first look at its gameplay via a demo at Gamescom 2022. The Lies of P gameplay demo was available to play on the show floor. It marks the first major slice of hands on gameplay for the title.

Lies of P Gamescom 2022 Gameplay

The Lies of P gameplay footage shown above comes from IGN. The footage shows off 12 minutes of early gameplay. The demo starts with the player being presented three Combat Memory options: Path of Crickets: Balance, Path of the Bastards: Agility, and Path of the Sweepers: Tenacity. These three options are builds that feature different weapons and stats.

The demo shown presented a slice of the city of Krat to explore. The city of Krat is the backdrop of the story of Lies of P. Krat has undergone a terrible outbreak that has caused madness and bloodlust among its citizens. Playing as Pinocchio, players must explore Krats to find Mr. Geppetto if they wish to become human.

Image showing enemies from Lies of P.
Image via Neowiz Games.

During the gameplay demo fans can see a variety of different enemy types to fight in gritty combat. Combat takes much of its mechanics from soulslike design. There is parrying, guarding, and other staples of the genre present in combat here. Alongside combat there is emphasis on exploration. Many areas feature items that will help you on your journey through Krat including consumables and new weapons.

Bosses play a key part in the gameplay. Although we don’t get to see much, the IGN demo does feature a boss fight at the very end of the video. This boss fight is against the Mad Clown Prototype, which is a mechanized clown.

There is currently no released date for the game, with Steam simply saying it TBA. When it does release it will be on PC. To stay up to date on the game be sure to check out the official Lies of P website.

Thoughts on our first look at the Lies of P gameplay? Let me hear them in the comments below.


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