Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Mysterious Forest Guide

Once you’ve gathered your sword and shield, you will be prompted to explore your first area called the Mysterious Forest. In this area you will need to retrieve a key to unlock open the Tail Cave. To help you complete this area, use our Mysterious Forest guide below.

Mysterious Forest Location

Image showing the Mysterious Forest location.

The Mysterious Forest is located to the north of the Mabe Village. To reach this area use the northwest exit from the village next to the sign that says “Mysterious Forest.”

Mysterious Forest Guide

Image showing where to go in the Mysterious Forest.

When you enter the Mysterious Forest Owl will stop and speak with you. Owl will tell you our purpose for entering the Mysterious Forest which is to get a key to unlock the Tail Cave. Once Owl leaves head up and take out the enemies in the next area. From here you can go up or right.

Up – Raccoon

If you go up you will run into a raccoon. This raccoon is blocking our path forward. If you try to go past this raccoon it will tell you that it will make you lost, and will transport you to a different area of the Mysterious Forest. This area is of the Mysterious Forest is actually to the right, so taking this option isn’t bad.

Right – Toadstool

Image showing the toadstool location.

To get by the racoon we need to find a toadstool and mix it into Magic Powder. To find the toadstool we need head to the area to the right of where the Raccoon is. In this right area you will find a log you can enter. Go inside the log and make you will end up in a cave. Open the chest in the first room to get 50 Rupees then head into the next room. Move the boulders out of your way so you can exit into the Mysterious Forest. Here you will find the toadstool. Return back through the cave.

Toadstool to Powder

Image showing what to do with the toadstool.

With the toadstool in hand head up from the log entrance and take a right. You will end up in an area called Koholint Prairie. Head south in this area to reach the Witch’s Hut. Go inside the hut and give the sleepy toadstool to the witch to receive the Magic Powder in return. Equip the magic powder and return to the raccoon.

Tail Key

Image showing the Tail Key location.

Back in the Mysterious Forest use the Magic Powder on the raccoon to reveal it was actually Tarin. Tarin went on a bad trip and turned into a raccoon. With the raccoon out of the way, head up to reach a chest with the Tail Key inside. Upon collecting the Tail Key, Owl will appear and will mention getting an instrument from the Tail Cave. Start making your way south.

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