Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening: How to Carry More Magic Powder

In The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening you carry a useful item with you called Magic Powder. This item serves multiple purposes and it essential to solving many of the puzzles you will face throughout the game. At the start you can only carry 20 Magic Powder on your character. The guide below will show you how to carry more Magic Powder.

Required: Get Power Bracelet from Bottle Grotto

Before we can do anything, we first need to get the Power Bracelet item from the second dungeon called the Bottle Grotto. This dungeon is located in the Goponga Swamp. Inside the dungeon you will naturally acquire the Power Bracelet, which lets you pick up rocks and pots. Once you have this item head to the Mysterious Woods.

Find Secret Entrance in Mysterious Woods

Image showing the map location of the entrance to the secret room.

In the mysterious woods make your way to the spot marked on the map above. At this spot you will see a rock. Pickup the rock to reveal stairs leading down. Go down the stairs to reach a secret room.

Light Fire and Profit

Inside this secret room you will see a fire you can light in the middle of the room. Light the fire and an NPC named Lil. Devil will appear to you. Lil. Devil will ask you if you are ready. Select “Yes” and he will electrocute you, raising your maximum Magic Powder carry limit to 40. Not bad.

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