LawBreakers Devs are Making A Battle Royale Game Called Radical Heights

UpdateRadical Heights no longer exists as a game and Boss Key Productions has dissolved as a studio.

Boss Key Productions’ the studio behind LawBreakers has revealed their next project, Radical Heights, which is a free-to-play battle royale shooter.

From the brief reveal trailer, it’s obvious that Radical Heights is aiming to slap an 80s inspired aesthetic on the hugely popular battle royale genre. Characters in the game have big hair and wear period appropriate attire like short basketball shorts and band tshirts. There is also bmxing and arcade gunfights to really get those 80’s nostalgia juices flowing.

Besides having an obvious 80s influence, we know that Radical Heights takes place inside a SoCal dome which is the arena for this high-stakes game show. During the game show, players duke it out to see which player is left standing. Win or lose, cash is the main motivator for playing, as you will be able to bank cash earned during matches which can be used on character customization or to get a leg up in the next game (this has already raised concerns about pay-to-win).

Starting tomorrow (April 10), Radical Heights will be available to play on Steam Early Access. A $15 USD Founders Pack will also be available for purchase, and it features a number of exclusive items including 20 pieces of character cosmetics inspired 80s actions movies and a permanent 10 percent in-game cash boost on all cash and prizes.

Radical Heights is aiming for a full release sometime in 2019. For now, PC owners appear to be the only platform that have access to the Early Access title.

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