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When I entered the league, I thought I would take the game by storm. Instead literally every shot was a dud. That’s what you get when you create a 6’10 SF. Anyways, being the gym rat I am, I was on the court daily, grinding. Getting that sweet Doin’ Work bonus. However, as much as I practised, my jump shot was still horrible. Who wants to drop the coin on a Chris Bosh release? I don’t. Who wants to buy the Jordan J? Meh. My work in the gym had to be paying off, and low and behold my man Coach K was watching. In this guide I will show you how to make you own Jesus Shuttlesworth J with the custom Jump Shot creator.

Do Work

The biggest thing you need to do is practice. Hitting open gym often will eventually garner the attention of Coach K who will eventually hit you up on your cellie. It took me about 3 fills of the upgrade cap meter to get him to contact me. Coach K wants to meet up with you and some other players. Make sure you go!

jump shot creator

Reddit is saying this message is random. SO BE ADVISED!

Talk to your agent

Once you meet with Coach K, Bruce will hit you up and give you the reward of Jump Shot Creator. The option to create a custom jump shot is found under the options tab in the menu.

custom jump shot

Use it!

Once you have your custom jump shot creator, you can make the jump shot of your dreams. Basically how the system works is breaking down the jump shot into 3 categories: Lower/Base, Upper Release 1 & Upper Release 2. Here you can select various player animations to make your ultimate Frankenstein jump shot.

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Thoughts on the Jump Shot Creator? What does your custom jump shot look like? What is the recipe? Let me know in the Pit below.


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