Stephen King’s New IT Breaks a Ton of Box Office Records

After the mediocre release of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, it was time for King to put a W in the win column and the new IT film delivered just that. After one weekend in theatres, IT has made a ton of money. Estimates for IT‘s haul land at $123 million over this past weekend. That’s a lot of clown cars for Pennywise… Anyways, with such a huge haul, IT has broken a number of box office records. Check them out below.

IT Box Office Records

  • Second biggest R – Rated opening (trails Deadpool)
  • Highest opening weekend of a Stephen King adaption
  • Biggest opening weekend (Fall)
  • Biggest opening weekend (September)
  • Biggest horror movie opening weekend

With a production budget of only $35 million, it is clear to see that New Line made a smart business decision in bringing back everyone’s favorite evil clown. Due to the runaway success, I fully expect to see the birth of an IT multiverse.

What do you think of all the box office records IT broke? Let me know in The Pit below.


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