Is Outriders Down Right Now

Outriders, the looter-shooter out of People Can Fly and publishers Square Enix, is a online title that relies upon servers for many of its gameplay processes. This server reliance means there can be disruptions that cause the game to go down. If you want to know is Outriders down right now the post below will help you determine if the game currently is.

Status Page for Outriders

Image showing the Outriders status page information.
Image via Square Enix/People Can Fly.

Since Outriders relies heavily on servers for gameplay access the studio has created a live status page. This status page contains useful information regarding the current state of Outriders connectivity. The status page can be found at this link. When you go to the page you will see the current status of online activity in the game.

If visiting the status page is not possible or not of interest to you, you can follow the different Outriders social channels. These channels include Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. The social media team for the game is constantly posting about the state of the game. If there are any bug fixes or outages happening posts will appear on these channels to give pertinent information.

That’s all you need to know about the current state of the Outriders servers. Consulting the resources above should give you an idea if the game is currently online or not. If it is not online you will not be able to play. Consult our other Outriders guides for more help with this title.

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