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The weekend of SDCC has come and gone and now it’s time to step away from the trailers and return to life. For some this return means going back to work, or school, or gaming. As you return to whatever it is you have to do, take a look at some of these memes. It ain’t monday without the memes!

1. Truth (Source)


2. D&D (Source)

3. Close to Home (Source)


4. Multiplayer Perspective (Source)

5. Size Matters (Source)

6. Demo Disc (Source)

7. Got Em (Source)

8. Trust No Thots (Source)

9. WOOOHOOOO (Source)

10. No Such Thing as Nintendo (Source)

11. TES Quests (Source)

12. You Can Never Be Sure (Source)

13. Now That’s a Chomp (Source)

14. A Female Zelda? (Source)

15. Looks the Same to Me (Source)

16. No Minesweeper (Source)

17. Nintendo Logic (Source)

18. What are you gonna do?  Stab me? (Source)

That’s all for this weeks collection of memes. Hope you enjoyed. Have a good week all!


What did you think of these memes? Let me know in the Pit below.


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