How to Use the Camera in Watch Dogs Legion

There are a few activities in Watch Dogs Legion that require using a camera to photograph evidence. This evidence typically involves some sort of plan or schematic you will need to photograph to complete the Photographic Evidence uprising activity. While there are news drones you can use to snap a photo a simpler solution is to use your operatives camera. This guide will show you how to use the camera in Watch Dogs Legion.

Snap Photos of Evidence With Your Camera

Image showing How to Use the Camera in Watch Dogs Legion.

The camera for each character can be accessed by opening the weapon/abilities/gadget wheel. This quick wheel is brought up by holding down on the D-Pad on controllers. Once the wheel is up you should see an option for Camera on the right corner. For controllers it is X/Square. On PC the wheel can be brought up by holding X and the camera can be triggered with 9.

To complete the Photographic Evidence activities head to the camera symbol on your map. Once there you will find a piece of evidence you need to snap a photo of. Pull up your camera then frame the piece of evidence in the center of it. Your HUD will tell you when the target is in view. Snap a picture to complete the activity.

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