How to Unlock the Shrapnel Trap in The Division 2

The third season of The Division 2 called Concealed Agenda brought with it a number of new challenges for players to complete. These challenges remain true to the previous seasons and include things like new gear, new events, and a new prime hunt. Within this season there is also a new Skill Variant called the Shrapnel Trap. For more information on how to unlock the Shrapnel Trap in The Division 2, check out our guide below.

How to Get the Shrapnel Trap

Image showing the Shrapnel Trap in The Division 2.
Image via Ubisoft/Massive.

If you’ve played previous seasons up to this point you will have a pretty good understanding as to how skill variants unlock. Basically all you need to do is hunt down four specific manhunt targets as they release weekly. Each time you defeat a manhunt target you will earn 25% towards the Prime Target. Once you’ve earned 100% you will be able to hunt the Prime Target to get the Shrapnel Trap. In the case of this season the targets are as follows:

Rogue Cell Members

  • Shade.
  • Wraith.
  • Dusk.
  • Belfry.

Prime Target

  • Bardon Schaeffer: Defeat to unlock the Shrapnel Trap Skill Variant.

Upon defeating all of the Rogue Cell Member targets you will unlock the ability to hunt the Prime Target, Bardon Schaeffer. When you defeat Bardon you will receive the Shrapnel Trap skill variant for you troubles. Like other skills that have been added during the previous seasons you can equip this skill to use on your agent.

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