How to Unlock the Icarus Hovercraft in Rage 2

In Rage 2 there are a number of transportation options available for players to choose from as they traverse the wasteland. All of these options are mainly automotive in nature and keep you firmly planted on the ground as you travel. One vehicle that you can unlock allows you to take to the skies, which can greatly speed up travel time. Below I will show you how to unlock the Icarus in Rage 2.

Reach Level 7 with Dr. Kvasir

Image showing reaching level 7 with Dr. Kvasir.

Like a lot of unlocks in Rage 2 you need to assist an ally to unlock the Icarus Hovercraft. You need to reach level 7 with Dr. Kvasir to have the Icarus added to your Vehicles collection. Reaching level 7 can be done by completing specific activities which earn you XP:

  • Complete Arks = 160 XP.
  • Open Ark Chests = 20 XP.
  • Collect Data Pads = 10 XP.
  • Shoot down Drones = 60 XP.
  • Find Ranger Echoes = 40 XP.
  • Harvest all Feltrite Meteorite = 40 XP.

As you playthrough Rage 2 you will need to reach at least level 5 if you want to progress the main storyline. Reaching level 7 should be simple enough by completing any of the activities listed above as well as Dr. Kvasir specific quests.

Image showing a new vehicle unlock in Rage 2.

Once you do reach level 7 with Dr. Kvasir you will unlock the Icarus. This flying vehicle has zero combat capabilities but allows for fairly easy movement throughout the Wasteland. Like other vehicles in Rage 2, you can summon the Icarus via the Vehicles page.

What do you think of the Icarus? Let me know in the comments below. While your down there, let me know what other vehicles you think are a must have in Rage 2.

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