How to Unlock the Hadern Shell in Mortal Shell The Virtuous Cycle

In the new The Virtuous Cycle DLC for Mortal Shell players can unlock the Hadern Shell. This shell is a new character you can play the game as. The shell is of the popular main villain you fight throughout the game. To learn how to unlock the Hadern Shell in Mortal Shell The Virtuous Cycle see our guide below.

Note: Appears after unlocking the three weapons in-game.

How to Unlock Hadern Shell

Unlocking Hadern is a fairly straightforward affair. To get this shell for yourself make your way to the second floor of the Fallgrim Tower. Here you will find Hadern sitting on the floor near the weapon holders. Speak to Hadern to challenge him to a fight. To unlock the shell you need to defeat two full health bar phases of Hadern: Katana wielding and Axe wielding. Once you defeat both phases the shell will appear. Touch the shell to enter it.

Once you enter the shell you will return to the main world. In the main world speak to Hadern again. You will unlock the Axatana. You will also unlock Hadern as a merchant. He sells three items: Deliverer’s Effigy, Wanderer’s Cowl, and Clockwork Lute. All items can be purchased using Tar. Simply speak to Hadern to trade with him whenever you wish.

Like other Shells in the game you will first need to reveal the Shell’s identity. To do this speak to Sester Genessa. Spend the required Tar to reveal the Hadern Shell abilities. Hadern is an amalgamation of the other four Shells with the ability to take one of their abilities for his own use. To unlock the abilities you need to spend Tar at Sester Genessa.

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