How to Unlock Shades in Mortal Shall Rotten Autumn

The Halloween/Fall update for Mortal Shell is upon us. Called the Rotten Autumn this seasonal event centers around the NPC named Gorf that can be found in Fallgrim Outskirts. Gorf wants you to provide food and entertainment. In exchange for providing both Gorf will reward you with a Shade which are Shell altering visual skins. To learn how to unlock shades in Mortal Shell consult our guide below.

How to Unlock all 10 Shades in Mortal Shell

Image showing How to Unlock all 10 Shades in Mortal Shell.

Unlocking Shades in Mortal Shell is fairly straightforward. What you will need before you start is food items, specifically Roasted Rat or Rotten Food. You will need to have at least 60x of the food items (Roasted Rat is easiest to acquire) to give to Gorf to unlock all the Shades currently available. To unlock the Shades follow these steps:

  1. Give Gorf 5x of Roasted Rat.
  2. Play your Lute.
  3. Receive first Shade.
  4. Give Gorf 10x Roasted Rat.
  5. Play Your Lute.
  6. Receive Second Shade.
  7. Switch Shells and repeat process.

This process is fairly straightforward but does require having the food items available to complete. For the Roasted Rat you can purchase enough from the vendor in the Fallgrim Tower which is fairly easy. The full list of skins you can unlock currently are listed below.

No Shell

  • None.
  • Super Meat Boi.
  • Gold skin (not sure name).

Harros, The Vassal Shades

  • None.
  • Sun Vassal.
  • Burden Keeper.

Solomon, The Scholar Shades

  • None.
  • The Count.
  • Kvlt.

Eredrim, The Venerable Shades

  • None.
  • Yellow King.
  • Anointed Butcher.

Tiel, The Acolyte Shades

  • None.
  • Slytherin.
  • Serpent’s Lust.

Once you’ve unlocked a Shade you can equip or unequip it using the Shell menu. On this screen there is a new Shade tab next to the Shell’s ability tab. Here you can equip or unequip Shades on your Shells.

That’s all you need to know to unlock the new Shell appearance changing Shades in Mortal Shell. These Shades when activated change the look of the Shell to have a bit more character than in the base game.

Thoughts on our how to unlock Shades in Mortal Shall Rotten Autumn guide? Drop them in The Pit below.

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  1. John says:

    The Foundling gold skin is called “Aurum Ascendant.” You can change the Shade of the Foundling only by speaking to Sester Gennefer without a shell

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