How to Turn off Motion Blur in Outriders

The Outriders demo has been out for a bit now and players have been mostly positive to the experience. With that said one major complaint has been around the game’s heavy usage of motion blur. Thankfully, People Can Fly has been listening and recently added an in-game option players can use to turn on or off this display setting. To learn how to turn off motion blur in Outriders consult the guide below.

Motion Blur Setting Location

Image showing how to turn off motion blur in Outriders.

As of update 1.05 Outriders now has a Motion Blur toggle players can use to turn on and off this setting. The toggle is located on the game’s Display settings screen. To access the Display settings open up the Game Menu and selection Options. Tab or click over to the Display settings page. On this page you will find the Motion Blur toggle. Using this toggle turns on or off Motion Blur in-game. Personally I recommend turning off this setting as the game features an aggressive level of Motion Blur, but it is up to you.

That’s all you need to know to turn off Motion Blur in Outriders. Having this setting available at anytime is a great addition to the game. For more help with this title see our legendries guide, how to replay missions, and boss list.

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