How to Turn Boroughs Defiant in Watch Dogs Legion

In Watch Dogs Legion the city of London is split up into 8 distinct boroughs. Within each borough there is a collection of activities for players to complete. Some of these activities are more beneficial than others with a major gameplay element being the defiant/oppressed system. Continue reading below to learn how to turn Boroughs defiant in Watch Dogs Legion.

Turning Boroughs Defiant in Watch Dogs Legion

Image showing an activity to complete to turn a borough defiant in Watch Dogs Legion.

You will learn about the defiant system fairly early in your playthrough of Watch Dogs Legion. During the main story you will automatically turn the Borough of Camden defiant by completing the story mission Clarion Call. This mission sees you complete all of the challenges in the Camden borough that lower oppression and increase defiance:

  1. Propaganda: hack consoles to display different messages than those shown by Albion.
  2. Hack CtOS Hubs: hack consoles that control livestreams. Scan livestreams for clues.
  3. Sabotage: destroy a console in a hostile area.
  4. Neutralize VIP: defeat a specially marked enemy.
  5. Rescue Freedom Fighters: save an NPC that has been imprisoned.
  6. Photograph Evidence: snap a photo of the plans, photos, or other Albion related paperwork.
  7. Digital Deface: similar to propaganda.
  8. Collect Evidence: similar to photographs but you gather physical evidence instead of taking a photograph.

All eight of the above listed activities will appear in the different boroughs across London. Each borough itself will have 3-4 of these activities in it. To turn a borough defiant complete all of the Red Activities in that district. When you complete the final activity there will be a special mission that unlocks. Complete this mission and the borough will be completely defiant.

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