How to Toast Another Player in MultiVersus

In MultiVersus there are a few currencies players can collect. These currencies all have different purposes. One of the more interesting currencies players can get is Toast. Toast is a type of reward players can give to their opponents. Doing this is not really explained well so below I will show you how to toast another player in MultiVersus.

How to Toast Players

To Toast another player in MultiVersus is a fairly simple affair. Before you can Toast you need to ensure you have at least 1x Toast in your inventory. You can either earn Toast by levelling up characters, completing tasks, login for the daily 5x deposit, or purchase some with coins.

Image showing how to give Toast in Multiversus.
Hover above your teammate/opponents card to give Toast.

Once you have Toast you simply need to play a game (can be bot or versus another player). Complete the match against your opponent. On the match completion screen you will find the option to give Toast to your teammate or opponent just above their player card. Give them a Toast if you liked playing with/against them, or had fun in the match.

That’s all you need to know about how to Toast players in MultiVersus. Toasting is an interesting community mechanic, allowing players to reward each other. Toasting also can be a daily challenge, so you will at least want to know how to do it to complete those challenges when they are active.

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