How to Taunt in MultiVersus

In the Warner Bros. MultiVersus players select from a roster of characters to duke it out against opponents. These characters come from a wide range of popular IPs and each character has its own set of unique emotes including Taunts. Taunts are emotes you can use in-game. See how to Taunt in MultiVersus below.

How to Use the Taunt in MultiVersus

Taunting in the game is fairly simple to do. Taunts are considered emotes. Emotes are located on the Character Selection screen. The image above shows the Wonder Woman default Taunt. This Taunt will appear in the UP D-Pad position when you first start playing the game (unless you edit it yourself).

To use the Taunt itself make your way into a match (either with a bot or a real player). During the match you then simply need to push the UP D-Pad button to trigger the Taunt (as shown in the second screenshot above). If you have set the Taunt to another position on the D-Pad, push that instead.

Keep in mind while you are Taunting you can be hit by the opposing player so use it wisely during your match. Also note that there are challenges related to Taunting that can be easily completed by triggering this emote in game.

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