How to Start Bounty Hunting in Starbound 1.4

Starbound dropped a nice little update for fans of the space survival game. This new 1.4 update was teased all the way back in 2017, and it features Bounty Hunting. To help you begin this new gameplay branch, here’s how to start bounty hunting in Starbound 1.4.

Head to The Ark

Image showing the help wanted sign for the Bounty Hunter mission.

Note: Your character needs to have completed the “Become Space-worthy”¬†quest, and have access to a mech (granted through Dr. Akaggy on The Ark) to begin this quest line.

To start the Bounty Hunter quest line in Starbound, make your way to Outpost – The Ark. On The Ark head to the Terramart (left side of the large building portion). To the left of the Terramart is a poster that will have an ! above it. Interact with the poster and you will start the Becoming a Peacekeeper mission. This will give you the location of a Peacekeeper Station you need to visit to meet

Visit the Peacekeeper Station

At the Peacekeeper Station make your way to the Bounty Board to meet Captain Noble. There will be a brief cutscene about peacekeeping then you can interact with the board to start your first bounty. There are a number of bounties to complete in the new update and some new weapons and items for sale at the Peacekeeper store.

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  1. Patri says:

    just take all the bounties on the boards at once, always go for the high bounties then get a bunch of high damage consumables as basically every criminal you encounter is tanky as s**t

  2. egg says:

    do i have to make a new character?? the poster isnt there…

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