How to Romance: Locations, Quests and Getting Down To It – Kingdom Come Deliverance

While the 15th century was a rough time to be alive, it was still a time period of romance. Like any good RPG, Kingdom Come Deliverance lets you romance certain ladies you come in contact with. To help you on these truly worthy quest, I’ve put together this guide on how to romance in Kingdom Come Deliverance romances. Note: Guide is being updated

Romance Buff – Alpha Male

If you successfully romance a partner, you will unlock a temporary Alpha Male buff. This buff is described as “your needs have been satisfied and it shows. You’re feeling self-confident. Charisma +2.”


Achievement: McLovin 

Location: Rattay Mill

Quest + Romance: Courtship” – Theresa has her own romance quest which is pretty obvious. While playing, you will be prompted to return and see Theresa at the Rattay Mill before noon. This will occur a number of times, each of which acts as a sort of date. After you complete an activity, you’ll need to wait a couple of days before being able to do the next activity. The activities are:

  1. Choose an activity (walking along the river, going to Gallows Hill, etc).
  2. Take Theresa to the Broken Wheel Tavern (you end up dancing together & fist fight some guy).
  3. Play Blind Man’s Bluff in the Barn and help Theresa bring in the Laundry (romance scene occurs after this).

Successfully bedding Theresa will earn you the McLovin achievement.

Lady Stephanie

Achievement: Casanova – Court Lady Stephanie

Location: Talmberg

Quest + Romance: “At Your Service, My Lady” – Lady Stephanie will request that you collect three items for the wedding of her cousin Sophie. The items you need to collect are a keg of wine from Korad Hagen (Rattay), a roan from Uzhitz stables, and a decorative crown from Sasau. Upon collection of all the items, return to Lady Stephanie and give them to her. She will give you her father’s shirt in return and will request you try it on. Agree to change in front of her and watch the 15th century magic happen. This unlocks the Casanova achievement.

Bathhouse Wench

If you’re looking purely for the romance buff without doing any of the leg work. Simple make your way to one of the many bathhouses that abound and procure the services of a bathhouse wench. This will cost you some coin, but triggers the buff and saves your game.

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I will be updating this how to romance guide soon, so be sure to check back.


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