How to Respec Skill Trees in Vigil: The Longest Night

In Vigil: The Longest Night you can level Leila a number of different ways to increase here proficiency in things like swords, axes, dual blades, bows, and general skills. The builds you create may feel permanent in nature but there is actually a way to respec your character. Below I show you how to respec skill trees in Vigil: The Longest Night.

Visit the Skill Master on Cat Isle in the Depressing Forest

Image showing where to find the Skill Master on Cat Isle in the Depressing Forest.

To respec your chracter you will need to advance fairly far into the game so you have both the double-jump and dash abilities. With both of these abilities unlocked you can use them to access a floating island in the Depressing Forest which houses an NPC named the Skill Master. This floating island is to the far left-side of the forest. Here you will need to use dash and double-jump to reach a floating ledge that is in the trees above the island. Once on this ledge

How to Unlock all Skill Tree Achievements Easily

Image showing how to reset Skill points in Vigil: The Longest Night.

As the name suggests this NPC can reset your skill points so you can spend them in different branches. This ability is especially useful if you are wanting to unlock all six skill tree achievements:

  • It’s all about Practice.
  • Faster and Faster.
  • SMASH.
  • Sword Master.
  • Survival Expert.
  • I Want Them All.

The cost to respec your character is 1x Fledgling’s Blood Soul. To unlock all the achievements listed above you will need 5x Fledgling’s Blood Soul and about 50 Skill Points available to you. Simply respec all your points into each skill tree to unlock all achievements of the skill tree nature.

That’s all you need to know about how to Respec skill trees in Vigil: The Longest Night. Again this is a late game activitiy so you will need to advance a bit in the game before you can access this service. Once the service is unlocked you can quickly fast travel to the Skill Master thanks to a nearby Owl Statue.

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