How to Recruit New Operatives in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion places huge emphasis on building a team of operatives. These operatives can be recruited out in the open-world and come from the various NPCs you encounter while playing. Each of these operatives have random skills and abilities making it valuable to find a wide variety of characters for your team. If you want to know where to start this guide is for you. Learn how to recruit new operatives in Watch Dogs Legion below.

How to Recruit New Operatives

Image showing How to Recruit New Operatives in Watch Dogs Legion.

The process of recruiting new operatives in Watch Dogs Legion is fairly straightforward to complete. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Scan NPC with L1/LB.
  2. Hold R1/RB to recruit them.
  3. Open the Team Menu.
  4. Scroll to recruits and highlight the one you want.
  5. Start Recruitment Mission with Square/X.
  6. Complete Recruitment Mission to unlock operative.

The steps above work for most of the NPCs you will encounter while playing. With that said there are NPCs that dislike DedSec. To recruit these people to your team you need to unlock the Deep Profiler Upgrade from the Tech Menu. Once this is unlocked you will be able to see clues to unlock their recruitment quests.

While out looking for recruits keep in mind the profession/job of the person determines which skills they have. Also note that while you are out exploring you will come across people with green dots over their heads. These NPCs are highly skilled. You will want to grab these operatives for your team.

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