How to Play or Skip the Tutorial in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an attempt by FromSoftware to broaden the appeal of the souls formula. As such, the studio has introduced some new helpful tips for players to experience. These tips are located inside the Cave of Knowledge. This location is entirely optional to complete. To learn how to play or skip the tutorial in Elden Ring see our guide below.

Where to Access the Cave of Knowledge

Image showing how to skip or go to the Tutorial cave in Elden Ring.

After you fight the Grafted Scion boss in the Stranded Graveyard you appear inside a cave. In this cave you will find a slouched man in a chair next to a hole. Drop down into the hole if you wish to access the Cave of Knowledge. This mini-dungeon features enemies to fight and a boss called the Soldier of Godrick. Along the way there are markings that explain basic mechanics in the game. These markings are the game’s form of a tutorial.

If you defeat this boss you gain access to the ledge above the hole where you can acquire the emotion called Strength. You can then head to the open-world portion of the game called Limgrave.

How to Skip the Cave of Knowledge

Image showing riding the elevator up to Limgrave.

If you don’t feel like playing through the Cave of Knowledge you are free to leave the area. This is done by going up the stairs with the four maiden statues. Open the door and continue forward until you reach an elevator. Ride the elevator up to reach the open-world area of Limgrave.

Regardless of your skill level I recommend at least going to through the Cave of Knowledge once. This is purely to get to the Strength emote. If you are skilled it only takes a few minutes to complete the tutorial.

Did you play or skip the Tutorial in Elden Ring? Let me know in the comments below.


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