How to Pass Time in Elden Ring

A new addition to the soulsborne formula that FromSoftware has added in Elden Ring is the introduction of a day and night cycle. This time cycle is somewhat important as it impacts aspects of the world. Certain people, enemies, and other secrets can only be interacted or fought at certain times of the day. To ensure you see everything the game has to offer you will want to learn how to pass time in Elden Ring. Thankfully it is fairly easy to do.

How to Change Time of Day in Elden Ring

If you’ve played other open-world games before you will recognize how the system works in Elden Ring. There are special resting spots called the Site of Grace. These sites are resting spots you can interact with. To change the time of day sit at a Site of Grace. When you do this you will bring up a menu featuring multiple selections. One selection is to Pass Time. Select this option to go to a screen featuring the following selections:

  • Morning.
  • Noon.
  • Nightfall.

From these selections you can choose which time of day you want to trigger. Keep in mind that some of the game’s mechanics are designed around what time it is. Some enemies appear at certain times or get additional buffs.

The second method of passing time is out of your control. As you play the game time is passing. This means you will constantly be transitioning between the times listed above. To check the current time you can simply open the map and look in the bottom right. Here you will find a clock of sorts that cycles through the current time of day.

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