How to Open Statue Chests in Mortal Shell

In Mortal Shell you may notice special chests in the hub area of Fallgrim and the Fallgrim Outskirts. These chests are inaccessible to you when you first come across them. Since many of these chests contain useful items you will want to open them. To learn how to open statue chests in Mortal Shell check out our guide below.

Open Chests While Fog is Active

Image showing the glowing red chest you can open while the fog is active in Mortal Shell.

If you didn’t know there is an in-game fog mechanic that alters the state of the world in Mortal Shell. This fog mechanic is triggered when you collect your first Gland from any of the three unique areas:

  1. Shrine of Ash.
  2. Seat of Infinity.
  3. Crypt of Martyrs.

Once you’ve collect a Gland an NPC named Thestus will appear in the weapon’s room in Fallgrim Tower. Thestus allows you to control when fog occurs in exchange for glimpses. To open the statue chests you see around Fallgrim and Fallgrim Outskirts you need fog to be active. Once fog is active the chests will grow red meaning they can be opened for their contents.

There are a number of these chests littered throughout Fallgrim and the Fallgrim Outskirts. You will want to open the majority of them as they contain more valuable items then those found laying about the world. Keep in mind that while the fog is active the world becomes slightly more dangerous, so it is a risk/reward proposition.

This post is part of a larger Mortal Shell guide and walkthrough. Check it out if you need more help finding all weapons, bosses, side quests, items, and more.

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