How to Make Your Camp Visible in Fallout 76

There has been a new update released for Fallout 76 that has added a number of new additions to the online title. These new additions include some interesting changes to the C.A.M.P. system. One change you will want to be aware of is making your camp public to others in the lobby. This change means you can select whether or not people in the lobby can see your camp on the map. To learn more see how to make your camp visible in Fallout 76 below.

How to Make CAMP Appear on Map for Others

Image showing how to make your CAMP appear on the map in Fallout 76.

When you login to the game after downloading the update you may notice there are no C.A.M.Ps appearing on your map. This means you can’t drop in on other people’s bases to purchase supplies or check out what they’ve built. Thankfully the fix for this problem is very simple. To make your camp appear on the map for others in the lobby follow these steps:

  1. Click yellow (tent) CAMP icon on map to bring up menu.
  3. Select which option you want (ON makes it appear for others).

Alternative Method

  1. Expand CAMP slots menu on map (left corner on map).
  2. Select CAMP you want to make Public.

That’s all you need to know to make your C.A.M.P. appear publicly. Once your marker is visible people in the server will be able to see it. This means other wasteland wanders may stop in to visit. If you have things like stocked vending machines you will want others to visit your camp so you can sell items to them.

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