How to Level Up in Code Vein

Code Vein is an RPG title out of Bandai Namco. In this RPG you will want to level up your character to face off against tougher enemies. Below we show you how to level up in Code Vein.

Code Vein Levelling

To level up in Code Vein you need to collect the resource called Haze. Haze can be acquired by defeating enemies. Once you’ve collected enough Haze rest at a Mistle and select Level Up.

On the Level Up screen you will see a number of stats. These stats are as follows:

  • Haze Available.
  • (Haze) Needed to Level Up.
  • Blood Code.
  • HP.
  • Stamina.
  • Ichor.
  • Base Mobility.
  • Strength.
  • Dexterity.
  • Mind.
  • Willpower.
  • Vitality.
  • Fortitude.

Alongside these base stats you will weapon stats, Blood Veil stats, Defense, and Resistances. This screen is very important. Get used to seeing it. The more Haze you dump into your character, the more these stats will raise, causing your character to become stronger. When in doubt farm Haze!

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