How to Get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite (Free)

The Pokemon MOBA title Pokemon Unite has finally been released on Nintendo Switch. This release of the free-to-play title has led the developers to host a series of celebrations to mark the occasion. One of the major celebrations gives players the chance to grab Zeraora for their roster. Learn how to get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite in our guide below.

To get this special Pokemon for free is fairly simple. Download Pokemon Unite on your platform of choice and launch it. Playthrough the tutorial until you gain access the the main menu screen. On this screen you have a mailbox. The mailbox in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Push the corresponding button to open the menu then scroll down to Mail.

Launch bonus gift Zeraora in Pokemon Unite.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

Inside the mailbox you will see system messages. You should have a few messages in this inbox. The message we are looking for is entitled Launch Bonus. Go to this message and read it. Once you’ve read the message you will receive Zeraora as a welcome bonus. You have roughly 30 days to claim this bonus.

Zeraora first appeared Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This Pokemon is electric-type and has a difficulty of Expert. Zeraora is a melee speedster with a focus of offense. To learn how to use this Pokemon I reccomend jumping into the game’s practice mode so you get an idea of how it plays.

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