How to Get to the Dynamo Car Factory in Dying Light 2

During the main story in Dying Light 2 you need to make your way to the Dynamo Car Factory. To do this you head to the very southern end of the Quarry End territory. Once there you realize that the tunnel is blocked and you must find an alternative path inside. To help you find that path use HTR’s how to get to the Dynamo Car Factory in Dying Light 2 guide below.

How to Get in the Tunnel

After you push the button and learn that the tunnel is blocked. Turn to your left. To the left of the tunnel there is a ramp and a yellow tarp on a ledge above it. Use the ramp to reach the ledge. Turn left on the platform and you will see a yellow tarp on a rock. Jump over to the tarp, crouch, then go through. Jump to the next rock then jump to the rock with the yellow tarp on it. Turn to the right and you will see a moss covered rock. Jump to this rock and then jump to the next one. Work your way along the cliff face and you will reach the Tunnel. Drop the ladder down when you reach it.

Start the Generator

Once you reach the tunnel you can continue forward until you reach the next gate. Push the button to learn there is a generator nearby that must be turned on first. Turn around and trigger your senses. Walk over to the first generator and interact with it. This one doesn’t work. Go to the very beginning of the tunnel and interact with the generator there. When you do this an enemy appears. Defeat the enemy and turn on the generator to trigger a cutscene.

You then need to turn back on the power which you will be prompted to do. Simply follow the quest markers and it will lead you there. Following that you will need to complete a combat and platforming sequence. At the end of the platforming sequence you arrive at the car factory.

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  1. Epic Choices says:

    Found this tunnel on my own, got stuck in there as there isn’t a way out, but I made a way by stepping on a barbed wire fence and dashing to the top of the tunnel entrance. I recommend NOT going in that tunnel until the story tells you to. There’s practically nothing worth getting anyway as the door is locked and the generator is not usable

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