How to Get the Ronin Pack DLC in Dying Light 2

The second major piece of additional content for Dying Light 2 has been released. This DLC pack called the Ronin Pack features a collection of items players can claim in the game to wear and use. This DLC pack is completely free and can be yours by following a few steps. To learn more see how to get the Ronin Pack DLC in Dying Light 2 below.

How to Claim the Ronin Pack in Dying Light 2

Image showing how to claim the Dying Light 2 Ronin DLC pack on Steam.
Ronin DLC on Steam.

The Ronin Pack is the second free drop Techland has released as part of their 5 year plan for Dying Light 2. This drop is a collection of items players receive in-game that they can equip on Aiden. The drop is multi-parts, so when you read this determines what items are currently available. The drop list is as follows:

February 21

  • Jacket.
  • Breeches.
  • Trainers.

February 23

  • Mitts.
  • Mask.
  • Light Guards.

February 18

  • Wise Katana.

The outfit items give you 4% boost to parkour damage. The whole set gives an additional 6%. The set and weapon are both free to collect by doing the following.

In each of the store fronts that contains Dying Light 2 navigate to the game’s DLC content. Here you will find the different content packs currently available to download. The content packs for the Ronin gear are called the Ronin Packs. Select each one and they will download.

After the packs are downloaded make your way into the game and you will be greeted with a message saying you claimed the Ronin Pack. Load your game and go to the Player’s Stash. Access the stash and go to Extras to find the Ronin items. Redeem the items to add them to your collection.

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