How to Get the Axatana in Mortal Shell The Virtuous Cycle

In The Virtuous Cycle DLC for Mortal Shell there is a new weapon players can unlock called the Axatana. The new weapon is a katana and axe. This weapon can transform between the two types on demand. To learn more here’s our how to get the Axatana in Mortal Shell The Virtuous Cycle guide.

Note: Appears after unlocking the three weapons in-game.

How to Unlock the Axatana

The new weapon is unlocked the same method as the Hadern Shell. Make your way to the Fallgrim Tower’s second floor. Here you will find Hadern on the floor besides the weapon holders. Speak to Hadern and accept his challenge to enter the boss area. Defeat both phases of Hadern’s fight: Katana and Axe, then interact with the shell that appears. Once you do this you will return to the normal world.

Speak to Hadern in the normal world and he will offer you his weapon. The Axatana appears on the wall beside him. To switch weapons interact with the weapon to make it your currently equipped weapon. Whenever you wish to equip/unequip the Axatana you will find it in this location.

Like the other weapons in the game the Axatana features an active component. In this case pushing the Weapon Transformation button will change it from twin-blade form into Axe form. Doing this the first time unlocks a special achievement called Some Assembly Required. The weapon is upgraded at the Workbench for more effectiveness in combat.

There are a number of weapons in the game players can find and unlock. Like the Axatana each weapon caters to a specific playstyle and Shell. All of the weapons unlocked are in the Fallgrim Tower. Interact with any weapon you wish to equip to make it your active weapon.

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