How to Get Nine Stride’s Harness – Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The first major hub you will visit in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is called Kuwaq Yaku. Inside this village there are a number of points of interest including the Merchant. At the merchant you can buy a number of items including outfits. One outfit you can buy is called the Nine Stride’s Harness. For more information on this gear piece, check out the how to get Nine Stride’s Harness below.

Merchant Location

Merchant location Kuwaq Yaku

Head to the merchant in Kuwaq Yaku (pictured above).

Before you can buy any of these two pieces, you need to find the merchant that sells them. To find the merchant make your way to the village of Kuwaq Yaku (happens pretty early in the game). You will find the merchant in the northern portion of the village (look for the merchant icon on your map). Head to this merchant and speak with him. He sells these two outfit pieces:

Buy the Nine Stride’s Harness (Upper Body)

Nine Stride's Harness Shadow of The Tomb Raider

Wearing Nine Stride’s Harness unlocks the bonus ammo benefit.

In the merchant’s inventory you will see a couple of outfit pieces. Both of these pieces sell for around 4000 gold and can be purchased at your leisure. The piece we want to buy is called the Nine Stride’s Harness which is an upper body piece. Once you have the recipe, return to a Base Camp and craft the piece. Equipping the Nine Stride’s Harness unlocks the craft additional ammo benefit.

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