How to Get Nine Strides’ Boots – Shadow of The Tomb Raider

Early this week I showed you how to get the Nine Strides’ Harness and today I’ll be showing you how to get Nine Strides’ Boots. Unlike the harness the boots will need to be found and then crafted at a Base Camp. Let’s get into.

Visit the Crypt in Kuwaq Yaku

One of the first towns/hubs you will visit in your playthrough of Shadow of The Tomb Raider is Kuwaq Yaku. In this town there are a number of points of interest including a Crypt to the west. Head to the Crypt and make your way inside via the sunken tunnel (swim through the tunnel).

Getting Through The Crypt in Kuwaq Yaku

Inside the Crypt you will need to complete a couple of puzzles. The first puzzle is fairly easy as you simply need to use a molotov cocktail to light the wooden barrier on fire. Once the barrier is destroyed head deeper inside and eventually you will come to an area where the bridge is broken. Once you step out onto the bridge piece you will fall and slide down the steep incline. At the end of the incline you need to hookshot and swing across to the ledge. Walk down from this area to reach the Sarcophagus. Inside the Sarcophagus is the recipe for the Nine Strides’ Boots.

Crafting the Nine Strides’ Boots

How to Get Nine Strides' Boots

The Nine Strides’ Boots require the resources listed below to craft.

Once you’ve acquired the Nine Strides’ Boots you will need to craft them. To craft these boots you need the following resources:

  • 4x Cloth.
  • 6x Hide.

After you’ve collected the necessary resources you will be able to craft the Nine Strides’ Boots at any Base Camp. Wearing the Nine Strides’ Boots gives you the benefit of gaining additional fat, black powder and salvage resources from each source.

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