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Another Wednesday, another new Warframe farmed? Yupppers! This week I managed to farm myself the MAG frame and figured I would show all my valued readers how to get MAG in Warframe. Like the Rhino post I did last week, I will be walking you through the various avenues of acquiring MAG including outright purchase and good old fashioned farming. Let’s get started.

Buy The MAG Warframe With Platinum

Screenshot of the store page for MAG in Warframe.

This is the store page for the MAG. As you can see, this frame only costs 75 Platinum.

If you’ve got the cash and don’t feel inclined to grind for various frame parts, your easiest option is to purchase MAG with Platinum. MAG is one of the cheaper frames to purchase in Warframe, coming in at only 75 Platinum (~$4.20 USD), so it may not be a bad purchase if you’ve got some spare change floating around. Buying the MAG outright means you can skip the tediousness of grinding for parts; waiting for build times; and other generally time consuming parts of getting a new frame.

Farm MAG Blueprints

If you don’t want to spend the cash to acquire MAG, you’ll find the Blueprint Piece farm to be fairly easy to complete. To gather the necessary pieces, you will need to head to Iliad on Phobos. Here you will need to assassinate The Sergeant. In order to gather all the necessary MAG blueprints, you will need to run this mission multiple times. Each completion of the mission will earn you a random MAG BP. Run the mission until you’ve gathered the three blueprints listed below

  • Chassis Blueprint – 38.72%
  • Neuroptics Blueprint – 38.72%
  • Systems Blueprint – 22.56%

Once you’ve acquired all three MAG blueprints, make your way back to your ship. It’s time to start putting the MAG together.

Purchase the MAG Warframe Blueprint

MAG Warframe Blueprint

The finally MAG blueprint we need is purchased through the Market for 25,000 credits.

Before we can put together our MAG we need one more blueprint which can be purchased from the Market. Make your way to the MAG Warframe page and notice the blueprint button at the bottom right of the page. You will want to purchase the Blueprint for 25,000 credits. With the MAG blueprint purchased, we can finally put the entire MAG frame together.

Screenshot of the Foundry in Warframe.

When you are ready, head to the Foundry and craft your MAG pieces.

After you’ve farmed the necessary blueprints, it’s time to… farm some more. Each blueprint holds a recipe to create a certain MAG piece by supplying the required materials. Materials can be either gathered (the wiki is a good place to look for farming areas) or bought (with Platinum) and then put towards building the blueprint at the Foundry. Each MAG piece takes 12 hours (real time) to craft. Once all three MAG pieces are crafted, you can build the MAG Warframe (this takes 72 hours).

Once 72 hours has passed, you can claim your MAG and begin to use it as you see fit. MAG is somewhat of a mage-like frame who relies on their abilities far more than other frames I’ve covered so far. Have fun with it!

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