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When you reach the end game of Outriders you can begin to collect a new resource. The new resource, Drop Pod Resources, can be used for multiple things in end game. The first use is to unlock the Tier 15 Expedition called Eye of the Storm. The second use is to purchase items from the game’s legendary salesman, Tiago. Learn how to get Drop Pod Resources in our guide below.

Complete Expeditions to Earn Drop Pod Resources

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The central method for acquiring Drop Pod Resources is by successfully completing Expeditions. These timed end game missions task you with completing specific levels as quickly as possible. The higher the Tier and faster you complete the Expedition, the more Drop Pod Resources you earn. As you complete the higher Tiers you will earn more Drop Pod Resources from the Expeditions you complete.

Sell Titanium For Drop Pod Resources

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The second method of acquiring Drop Pod Resources requires utilizing the game’s trading system. There are a number of vendors in the game you can use to acquire resources from. To get Drop Pod Resources from Tiago you can sell him Titanium. Titanium is acquired via two sources. The easiest method is to trade your way up for it as follows:

  1. Buy Titanium from Bailey or acquire it from WTs.
  2. Sell Titanium to Tiago for DPR.
  3. Profit.

The exchange of Titanium for Drop Pod Resources with Tiago is fairly good. If you have a ton of Titanium you can get a lot of DPR by this method. This allows you to pick up items for sale in Tiago’s shop with relative ease. Since Tiago sells rotating legendary items you will want to buy what you can, when you can.

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