How to Get Baldachin’s Blessing in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring there are a variety of items players can find in the game. Many of these items are hidden off the beaten path and require players to look for them. One of the hidden items is called Baldachin’s Blessing. To learn how to get Baldachin’s Blessing in Elden Ring see our guide below.

Let Fia Hold You

Image showing Fia in Elden Ring.

Before you can get this item you must first advance through the story until Melina takes you to the hub area called the Roundtable Hold. In this area make your way up the stairs to the left of the fireplace inside the roundtable room. Go into the first room on your right and speak to the woman sitting on the bed. This woman is Fia. Fia asks if she can hold you. Agree to allow her to do this. After you’ve done this once she will give you Baldachin’s Blessing.

Baldachin’s Blessing is a consumable item players can use. This consumable uses FP to temporarily boost poise. When you have none of these consumables you can visit Fia and have her hold you to receive another one. The item has the following desciption:

Favor bestowed by a detahbed companion. Protection of a hidden temple in the guise of a bedchamber. Uses FP to temporarily boost poise. The favor allows one to forget any aches and pains. In Death, there is only peace, for in Death, there can be no sensation.”

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