How to Get All Bloodborne Endings

Bloodborne, the monster hunting, horror – action game out of From Software, features a total of three distinct endings for players to unlock. These endings require completing certain criteria to access them and can be a bit confusing to unlock. To help, use this how to get all Bloodborne endings guide to make things simple for you. Spoilers below.

Optional: Backup Save

How to get all Bloodborne endings

Backup your save file before starting the different endings if you want to get them all in a single playthrough.

If you want to see/get every ending in a single playthrough, you will need to backup your save file to an external device. This action should be done before talking to Gehrman under the great tree in the Hunter’s Dream. Once you have a backup save, you can access all three endings relatively easily. Simply select the ending you want from below, complete the ending and then reload the external save back to your PS4.


How to get all Bloodborne endings

Approaching Gherman at the great tree will give you the options for the different endings.

When you are near the ending of Bloodborne, you will return to the Hunter’s Dream to find the Workshop in flames. If you speak with the Doll, she will mention that Gehrman wishes to speak to you under the great tree. The area with the great tree is closed during your entire playthrough, but the gate will open when the ending can be completed. When you speak with Gherman, you will find he has two dialogue options available: Accept, or Refuse. These options determine what ending you will unlock.

Ending 1: Survived The Hunt (Achievement – Yharnam Sunrise)

How to get all Bloodborne endings

In this ending, you are freed from the Hunter’s Dream.


Dialogue: Accept offer

Boss Fight: None

Achievement Text: “You lived through the hunt, and saw another day.”

Result: If you accept Gehrman’s final request, you will complete the Yharnam Sunrise Achievement. This ending sees the Hunter return to the Waking World at sunrise, with the knowledge of the Hunter’s Dream being forgotten.

Ending 2: Replace Gehrman (Achievement – Honoring Wishes)

How to get all Bloodborne endings

In this ending, Gehrman joins the hunt.

Dialogue: Decline offer

Boss Fight: Gehrman

Achievement Text: “Captivated by the Moon Presence, you pledge to watch over the hunter’s dream.”

Result: If you decline Gehrman’s final request, you will trigger a boss fight against him. Once Gehrmans is defeated, the Moon Presence comes down and essentially traps you in the same position Gehrman was in. You take over the role of Hunter’s Guide in the Hunter’s Dream. Completing this ending unlocks the Honoring Wishes achievement.

Ending 3: Become An Infant Great One (Achievement – Childhood’s Beginning)

How to get all Bloodborne endings

In this ending, the Moon Presence comes down and fights you.


Dialogue: Decline offer

Additional Step: Consume three One Third of Umbilical Cord before declining

Boss Fight: Gehrman + Moon Presence

Achievement Text: “You became an infant Great One, lifting humanity into its next childhood..”

Result: Consuming three One Third of Umbilical Cord before declining Gehrman’s offer, while trigger a fight with both Gehrman and then the Moon Presence. Once both boss fights are complete, we see that the player has become and infant Great One, which could be considered the best ending. Being in this position implies that you can now truly impact the outcome of events and end the hunt for good (unlike the other previous endings).

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