How to Get a FREESWORD in Warframe (Heat Sword Unlock)

Since there has been a bit of a lull in new game releases lately, I’ve been spending my time exploring games I may have overlooked. One game I’ve never gotten around to playing is Warframe. This free to play, third person, action-adventure game is available on all platforms and offers a ton of content for free. If you are just starting out, the guide below will show you how to get a FREESWORD in Warframe. Let’s go.

Unlock the Market or Access

Access to the Warframe market can be done through the terminal in the screenshot above.

Located in the front of your ship is a terminal which gives access to the Warframe Market.

Before you can access the free sword, you need to unlock access to the Market. To do this, simply playthrough the opening bit of Warframe. Eventually after you’ve completed the tutorial section, you will have access to you ship. On the ship is access to the Market (in the front cockpit area).

  • Note: To enter a promo code in the market, simply select the “Redeem Code” button in the lower right corner of the Market screens.
Screenshot of the Promo Codes page on the Warframe website.

Alternatively, you can access the Promo Codes page on the Warframe website.

Alternatively, you can access the webpage and put the promo code in there. On this page there is a text box in which you can enter promotional codes that will add items/glyphs to your account (be sure to login first!).

Enter Promo Code “FREESWORD”

Entering the promo code FREESWORD unlocks the Heat Sword. Looks pretty good if you ask me.

Once you’ve gained access to either the ingame market or the webpage, you want to enter the promo code “FREESWORD” in all capital letters (minus the “). Once you do this, you will unlock the Heat Sword with an Orokin Catalyst on it. This sword is pretty good for those starting out in Warframe and is a nice little free item to grab. With the Heat Sword unlocked, access your Arsenal to equip it on your Warframe.

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