How to Find Flare Guns in Fortnite

The Flare Gun in Fortnite has been unvaulted this week in-game. Alongside the unvault comes challenge in the Fornite Week 6 challenges for players to complete that involves pinging an enemy with the weapon. Doing this challenge earns you 25,000 xp for your troubles, so it is well worth the effort. Before you run out and try the challenge for yourself, consult our how to find Flare Guns in Fortnite guide below for details on this elusive weapon.

Where to Find the Fortnite Flare Gun

Image showing the Flare Gun in Fortnite.
The Flare Gun. Image via Epic Games.

If you thought there was a set location for this weapon, I regret to inform there isn’t. The Flare Gun can’t be found in any specific location, rather it is part of the game’s general loot pool. This means you will need to search for the gun in chests, floor loot, or supply drops. This means you will want to search named areas with high concentrations of chests to up the chance of finding one.

Once you do snag this weapon you can use it a couple of ways. The first way to use the weapon is by shooting flares at structures or the ground to create fire that will burn down builds and houses. The second way of using the weapon is to shoot it into the air. Doing this pings the enemies around you. This second function can be especially useful during the final moments of a round. Pinging enemies gives a serious leg up on the competition.

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