How to Fast Travel in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell uses a world design philosophy called the hub-and-spoke. This design sets a central hub (in this case Fallgrim) in the middle of the world with branching paths to other areas from the hub. Each path ends in a dead-end resulting in the need to backtrack back to the hub. While backtracking back to the hub is part of the story given the fog mechanic, subsequent playthroughs may lend themselves to fast travel to quicken things up a touch. Thankfully there is a fast travel system in-game, but it is a bit hidden. Continue reading below to learn how to fast travel in Mortal Shell.

Important: You cannot fast travel while holding a gland. The ability is inaccessible.

Fully Level-Up a Shell to Unlock Buy-able Items at Sester Genessa

Image showing the Ornate Mask in Mortal Shell.

I have some insanely bad news for you if you are reading this mid-first playthrough. Fast travel is pretty much an endgame unlock unless you mainline all your Glimpses into a single shell. To unlock the ability to fast travel in Mortal Shell you need to completely level-up a shell through Sester Genessa. Once you’ve done this she will offer items for sale. The items she sells are:

  • Mortal Token (2 Glimpses).
  • Spectral Token (2 Glimpses).
  • Ornate Token (2 Glimpses).
  • Ethereal Diapason (5 Glimpses).
  • Untarnished Mask (3 Glimpses).
  • Glimpse of Affection (6 Glimpses).
  • Ornate Mask (30 Glimpses).

To unlock the ability to fast travel you want to purchase the Ornate Mask for 30 Glimpses. If you plan on exploring every part of each unique area this purchase is well worth the cost. Buy it when you can to cut-down on travel time.

Purchase and Use the Ornate Mask

Image showing how to Fast Travel in Mortal Shell.

Once you have this mask purchased you can use it to fast travel to any of the Sester Genessas you’ve sipped at in the world by using the mask. If you use this mask a total of four times you unlock max familiarity with it which grants additional Tar earned for 1 minute after using it. The locations you can travel to in-game are:

Fallgrim/Fallgrim Outskirts

  • Fallgrim Tower.

Shrine of Ash

  • Temple Grounds.
  • Monument of Ash.
  • Sanctum of Flame.

Seat of Infinity

  • Eternal Narthex.
  • Dim Gate.
  • Shivering Archives.

Crypt of Martyrs

  • Abandoned Chamber.
  • Enshrined Sanctum.
  • Martyr’s Altar.

Alternatively once you have the mask you can access fast travel by speaking to Sester Genessa and selecting Abilities > Fast Travel. The same fast travel screen presented when the mask is used is presented on this tab as well.

Given the emphasis on playing NG+ the unlock of the mask is useful to players that plan on playing a second playthrough of the game. Unfortunately those that only play one run will have marginal/if any use for the mask (or won’t even unlock it). Will you unlock and use this mask? Let me know in the comments below.

This post is part of our larger Mortal Shell guide and walkthrough. Check it out if you need more help finding all weapons, bosses, side quests, items, and other secrets in the game.

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