How to Fast Travel in Fallout 76

The map in Fallout 76 is huge, like 4x the size of Fallout 4. With the map being so huge it is important to know how to traverse it in an efficient manner. One way of doing this is by using Fallout 76‘s fast travel system. Below I will show you how to Fast Travel in Fallout 76.

Fast Travel to My Camp

My Camp Fast Travel in Fallout 76

When your My Camp is setup you can fast travel to it for free.

In Fallout 76 there is an interesting camp mechanic which allows you as the player to carry around a portable campsite. When your camp is deployed it will appear on your map. When your My Camp is active you can Fast Travel to that point for free. This means you can strategically place your My Camp to cut down on travel time. To Fast Travel to your My Camp, highlight the My Camp icon on your map and select it. You will be prompted to Fast Travel if you so desire.

Fast Travel to Previously Visited Locations

The other Fast Travel option you have in Fallout 76 is to travel to previously visited locations. Unlike your My Camp, Fast Travelling to previously visited locations will cost you. To Fast Travel to these locations you need to pay CAPS. The cost of Fast Travelling to locations is based on distance. The further away you are from the location, the more CAPS it will cost you to travel to those spots. To travel to a location you’ve previously visited, open your Map and highlight the location; select it and you will be prompted to Fast Travel along with the cost.

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