How to Fast Travel in Dying Light 2

The map in Dying Light 2 is very large and somewhat time consuming to traverse. When you first start playing you will notice you have to run everywhere and may wonder if there is a way to fast travel. To answer that question, yes there is. Below I will show you how to fast travel in Dying Light 2.

How to Unlock Fast Travel and Use it in Dying Light 2

Image showing how to fast travel in Dying Light 2.

Unfortunately you cannot warp right out of the gate in Dying Light 2. Instead you need to make your way through the game’s story. Eventually you will reach a mission called Let’s Waltz. This mission tasks you with going to the Car Factory. The Car Factory is in a distant part of the map that you unlock during the mission. Once you complete the Let’s Waltz mission you unlock the fast travel ability.

Once you have the ability to fast travel unlocked, using it is rather simple. You will find that parts of the map have metro stations in them. To go to these stations highlight the metro station on your map and push Fast Travel. You will fast travel to this location.

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