How to Equip Vinyls in Anthem

In Anthem your Freelancer will spend the majority of their time inside a Javelin. Since the Javelin is something you will look at a lot, you want it to look the best it can. Enter Vinyls. Vinyls are premade patterns which can be applied to your Javelin to give it a special look. This guide will show you how to equip Vinyls in Anthem.

You Can Equip Javelin Vinyls at the Forge

How to Equip Vinyls in Anthem
At the Forge under the Appearance tab you can equip Vinyls.

To equip these special Javelin patterns make your way to the Forge. At the Forge you will notice an Appearance tab. Select the tab to be taken to an appearance screen. On the top right of your Javelin you will find the Vinyls option. Select Vinyls to apply whichever you currently have in your inventory. Some Vinyls currently available include the VIP Demo Ones, The Legion of Dawn, and any you’ve purchased with coin/shards.

To buy Vinyls you can access the Buy tab from the Vinyls menu, or visit Prospero’s shop. Buying Vinyls will cost you a varying amount of Coin or Shards. One drawback on Vinyls is the fact that they come with colors you cant change, so keep that in mind if you are gonna drop some money.

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