How to Equip Held Items in Pokemon Unite

A major gameplay element in Pokemon Unite is special items you can hold on each Pokemon to boost certain stats and give passive bonuses. Using these special Held Items will allow you to gain and edge in battle and create special builds for each Pokemon. Equipping Held Items is a bit hidden so this guide should help. See how to equip Held Items in Pokemon Unite below.

Where to Equip Held Items in Pokemon Unite

To equip any of the Held Items you’ve purchased from the in-game store you want to fire up a match. Once you’ve matchmade you will join a battle ready screen where you select your Pokemon for the march. On this screen you will see a Battle Prep button. Push this button to open the three options: Held Items, Moveset, and map path. Select Held Items to access the screen where you can equip Held Items on your active Pokemon.

You start the game having only one available Held Item slot. As you level up your trainer score you unlock the ability to equip more Held Items. The maximum Held Items one Pokemon can have equipped is three.

To maximize your builds you want to use Held Items that compliment your Pokemon’s inherent abilities and playstyles. This ensures you are getting the most out of them each match. Our full Held Items list goes through each item in the game.

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